Dedicated To Your Case

Serving As Counsel For Product Liability Defense Across Michigan

Is your company or business put at risk by a product liability claim? Janes, Moffatt & Selzer, acts as the product liability statewide or regional counsel for many corporations. Our lawyers are continually keeping abreast of changes in case law or legislative tort reform that affects product liability litigation, which gives you access to cutting-edge tactics and information that make a difference in your case.

Our office has diligently served Michigan and the Detroit area for decades. Since our founding in 1980, we have represented dozens of clients in high-stakes product liability torts. Janes, Moffatt & Selzer, is well-known throughout the nation as a premier insurance defense firm. Consultations are free: 586-381-7592.

How We Support You Throughout The Life Of Your Case

The lawyers at Janes, Moffatt & Selzer, have extensive expertise in the defense of product liability personal injury and property damage, including fire claims. In addition to educational and legal training, many of our lawyers have:

  • Advanced technical knowledge and practical experience with tools, chemicals, equipment and machinery
  • Familiarity with the plaintiffs’ experts in this field and with common tactics and methodologies
  • Hard-earned professional reputations for their work with the product liability advisory council, defense research institute product liability committee and other professional organizations

The firm has successfully represented automotive, machinery and tool manufacturers in product liability actions throughout the United States.

Going Above And Beyond For Our Clients

Our team does not settle for “adequate.” We strive to be the best in what we do and in how we serve each and every client. Our proven strategies and depth of knowledge can make a difference for your prospects. Reach out online for a free consultation.