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Are You Facing A Negligence Claim? Get Client-Centered, Time-Tested Defense Services.

There is no industry immune to negligence claims. Whether you are a medical professional, a construction company representative or an everyday driver on the road, negligence claims can bring your professional and personal life to a halt.

For over 40 years, Janes, Moffatt & Selzer, has vigorously defended general negligence claims in the areas of premises liability, construction, automobile negligence and other tortious acts claims. We have represented individuals, corporations and insurance companies in relation to these causes of action. For a free consultation, reach out to our office in Mount Clemens.

Putting Our Experience To Work On Your Behalf

The lawyers at Janes, Moffatt & Selzer, are extremely familiar with negligence suits. Our attorneys lead the field and in fact have lectured on various topics, including defending premises liability claims, providing responses to insurance coverage questions and preparing guidelines for the investigation of these claims. What this means is that we can help, no matter how complicated or contentious your case may be.

Our team is prepared for any negligence case, including cases centered around:

  • Automobile or truck accidents
  • Property liability, including issues of negligence in businesses and apartment complexes
  • Professional negligence for medical professionals such as doctors, nurses and others
  • Construction site negligence, including negligence claims that involve machine malfunctions

We set the standard for quality care and top-tier negligence defense in Michigan. Frequently, many of the lawyers speak at seminars held by companies, insurers, professional organizations and the State Bar of Michigan on general negligence issues.

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