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Janes, Moffatt & Selzer, is uniquely qualified to meet your legal needs. Janes, Moffatt & Selzer, formerly Martin, Bacon & Martin, P.C., was established in 1980 by James N. Martin, John G. Bacon and Jonathan E. Martin, former shareholders/partners of major civil litigation defense firms. For 40 years, the firm has successfully defended various corporations, institutions and individuals in a wide variety of cases.

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  • Serving its clients for 40 years

Most of the attorneys in the firm have been trained as law clerks and enter Janes, Moffatt & Selzer, with experience in thorough preparation and an aggressive approach to each case. Lawyers are required to participate in and report on continuing legal education programs each year. When appropriate, the firm utilizes paralegals, law clerks and extensive support staff, all of whom are proficient in the latest word processing, document management, computer and communication technologies. Each person in the firm has a genuine commitment to the goals of the client, including cost containment without sacrificing the quality of representation.

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Client satisfaction is evident from the continuing attorney-client relationships which Janes, Moffatt & Selzer has maintained since inception. Janes, Moffatt & Selzer, maintains an aggressive approach to all phases of litigation, including discovery, document control, selection of experts, trial preparation and trial. Every case is prepared to be successfully tried. Although it is understood that many lawsuits are settled, our philosophy is that a case ready to be vigorously and successfully tried will also result in a better settlement. All of the lawyers at Janes, Moffatt & Selzer, try cases competently and eagerly, a fact well-known to the plaintiffs’ bar and the judiciary. Clients and prospective clients are invited to ask acquaintances on the trial and appellate benches about the firm and its abilities.

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